Web Development

Responsive-Web-Designing-PakistanTechvano offers customized software solution and software development. For small to large business enterprises, we build flexible, reliable and high quality solutions for organizations to focus on software development and related activities to us.
The developers at Techvando develop desktop software, each of our developer has a particular specialty. You may contact us today and speak to our software consultant.

Desktop Application Development

Many businesses prefer a desktop application for their business. Desktop softwares are still preferred due to its data security, reliability, high speed and better performance. As compared to web development, a desktop app provides best quality, functionality and a good user experience. Your desktop app will not be limited by a web browser and will always be at the forefront of your device.

At Techvando, we develop desktop applications to provide you with software application according to your requirements. You may talk to our software consultant and let you know what is the right solution for your business. Contact us for a free quote.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is actually a business model that provides software to any user who want to use it on monthly fee. The demand of subscription based software is increasing, lots of companies release their own industry specific software to the public and charge to those who have subscribed. Techvando provides software which provides subscription services to public and let companies to charge them on monthly or yearly basis.

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Application Software (EAS) are designed for small to large companies, to run more efficiently. Software components involved in enterprise software include:

  • Content Management
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Parts of ordering
  • Resource planning
  • Integrated IT solutions

Customer Relation Management

At Techvando we develop enterprise software for business, to provide solutions which could help them build their entire business upon. EAS is developed efficiently to take care of all your selling, shipping and intercompany communication needs.

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